The Value Of Teaching Your Children To Read Early 


Teaching your kids to read early has numerous benefits and it is the key to your child’s learning future. The primary reason is, reading is the heart of all formal education. The issue of when is the right time to teach your children to read is a hot topic now that many people tend to debate on it.  


Fabbrica Delle Favole is eager to help parents to teach their child as early as possible. The owners and our team of experts consist of teachers and psychologists who are usually doing an analysis and evaluation in our office secured with a contemporary garage door. Thanks to for their great service and high-quality door installed in our office. The numbers of both parents who teach their children to read early and children who are learning to read as preschoolers are increasing right now. 


Yet, parents, educators, and developers opposed to this phenomenon are still there. There are some parents who believe that early reading is not good for children, while others think children are not ready to learn reading until they start school. The most common criticism you will hear is that pushing your children to read before the age of five or six is a very wrong decision.  


Fabbrica Delle Favole believes that teaching children to read at a young age helps them from the potential burden of learning to read in school. And that the cause of their burden in learning to read in school is actually the idea of teaching your child too late. 


To know more about how these views fit into the debate on early learning as a whole, we will tackle some of the many advantages of developing early reading ability in your child. 


The neurological reason is the first basis of this issue. Early reading helps develop a young child’s brain. At birth, a newborn baby has approximately 200 billion active brain cells so when you give them the right kind of stimulation, their brain cells are capable in releasing more dendrites/ branches which makes a connection between them to store additional information. This is the proof that the vital connection in the brain is made early in life.  


The second basis is the psychological reason. If a child learns to read at home, at an early age, with a joyful reading habit, and with loving and supportive parents, he or she usually grows with self-confidence. Reading boosts the child’s maturity and increases his or her discipline. It will stimulate the child’s curiosity about the people surrounding him or her, and places and things. By providing your child with an explanation of how things work, your child will be satisfied. In addition, early reading exposes your child to problem-solving techniques and stimulates the child’s imagination and creativity. 


These are the few of many reasons you need to consider if you have a doubt in teach your child to read early. Giving or reading the books with captivating and colorful images, give them the interest to open a book. 


Here in Fabbrica Delle Favole, children, even adults will be enchanted by our magical fairy tales and contemporary retelling  books. We feature favorite classic stories, such as Cinderella, The Frog Prince, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, as well as lesser-known and newly created tales. We also offer educational toys that will help your children boost their learning.