Q: Why should I buy from you? 

A: Because you won’t find a better selection or better customer service anywhere else than us. Why? We guarantee the quality of every product we offer. Our team of experts evaluate each and every product for the safety of your children. We give a 90-day warranty to our customers as evidence that we are confident in the value of our products. We also have friendly genuine customer service, if you have any questions we’re happy to answer all of them and we have the fastest, reliable delivery to make you happy and satisfied. 


Q: Why can I only see PayPal in the payment window? 

A: PayPal is the gateway to process all cards as it is the most secure option available for online transactions, that’s why we use it. However, you don’t have to use a PayPal account to make the payments; rather you can choose to pay with Mastercard, American Express, Visa or other card options.  


Q: Is it safe to shop at your online store and share my credit card details? 

A: Yes. We guarantee you that we are secure site. The payment information is being encrypted and turned into a code that the only seller can read.  


Q: How long will my order take to be delivered? 

A: Usually the delivery takes 3 to 5 days depends on how far where you live. It happens that the items you order are out of stock, we will hold your order for up to 5 working days so that you receive your complete order in one shipment. For your convenience, the items which are out of stock will be sent to you at no extra charge after your first delivery. 


Q: Can I return an item? How? 

A: Yes you can. With a simple step, you can return an item that you are not satisfied with. Just simply package up your goods in the original packaging and return to us in good condition. Please remember to include the returns form at the back of your delivery note.